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At BRICS session, PM Modi expresses deep respect for tricolour | WATCH

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's respectful gesture with the Indian tricolour during the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg sets an example for global leaders. Learn about this impactful act and its significance on a global stage.

In a compelling act of respect, Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonstrated a profound example to world leaders during his presence in Johannesburg. While participating in the 15th BRICS Summit's plenary session, PM Modi was directed to his position by South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa.

As the global leaders assembled on stage, individual national flags were positioned on the ground, signifying each leader's designated standing spot.

Amidst this context, Prime Minister Modi astutely noticed the Indian tricolour on the floor and without hesitation, gently retrieved it and placed it within the pocket of his jacket.

Coincidentally, South African President Ramaphosa had already taken his place according to the marker indicated by the South African flag. He observed Prime Minister Modi's action and, in response, picked up the Indian flag from the ground, subsequently entrusting it to an aide.