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Afghan students in Bengaluru stage protest against Pakistan's interference

Worried about the fate of their country after the Taliban took over the administration of Afghanistan, students studying at different colleges in Bengaluru accused Pakistan of interfering in their country.

Holding banners and the Afghan national flag, over two dozen students and activists gathered at Mysuru Bank to raise their voices and appealed to the international community to not turn a blind eye to the issue.

Students say that Pakistan Army is helping Taliban and blamed the two for genocide in their country. The students also lauded the efforts of Panjshir in giving a fight to Taliban and Pakistan forces and at the same time expressed concern over their life as the combined forces are too big for Panjshir forces to handle.

The students appealed to the international community to come forward to help them and also warned that if the same is allowed to continue their other countries may also face problems in the future.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has formed the government and Mullah Hassan Akhund,  most wanted terrorist by the United Nations, was appointed as Prime Minister. His name figured in the destruction of Buddhist sites in Afghanistan.

Interestingly China has not just recognized the Taliban government but also has assured a financial package of 230 crore for the Taliban's administration.

Seeing the worsening situation in Afghanistan, India has announced to take refugees on emergency visas. While some other countries banned the entry of Afghan refugees.

Last month when the Taliban started to advance province after province after international forces announced to pull back its forces by the end of August, countrymen started to feel that their freedom will be at stake once the Taliban takes over.

Now, it seems the Taliban regime has started to list out country women found in porn sites for harsh punishment. The Taliban is also said to have taken a decision not to allow women to take part in any sports activity.