Bareilly: The restrictions imposed due to the lockdown has made street-food vendors adopt home delivery so that their loyal customers are not deprived of their favourite 'gol gappe, chole-bhature', a variety of fritters and mithai, at least not in Shahjahanpur city. Besides, it makes business sense, too.

Many vendors are now operating from home and delivering these items to their customers on their orders.

So far, only one case of Covid-19 has been detected in Shahjahanpur and that too, nearly a month ago. The patient has recovered and been discharged from hospital.

City’s Sadar Bazaar area is fulfilling the demands of the street food lover. The vendors here are doing brisk business, selling a small samosa for Rs 5 and a packet of four for Rs 20. A packet of gol gappe costs Rs 50.

However, these items are home-delivered if one orders in bulk. At same time, the vendors have not raised the price of any item. Besides. delivery is free. Similarly, mithai-makers are delivering sweets to their customers' doorstep.

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