Kanpur: The example of humanity and brotherhood a man has presented is commendable in light from uttar pradesh. When relatives of Shahana Begum (55), a kidney patient, backed off when she was in dire need of blood transfusion, citing coronavirus lockdown, a Hindu man from the city chose humanity over religion for a noble cause.

Abhimanyu Gupta (35), a lawyer and social activist, and a resident of Cantt area, received a call from Shahana’s Farrukhabad-based son Shaizy, who requested him to help save his mother’s life as she had to undergo dialysis and was in dire need of two units of blood.

Setting a perfect example of religious harmony and humanity, Abhimanyu donated blood to save the life of the Muslim woman without giving a second thought. “We had tears in our eyes, when even few of my relatives refused to donate blood to my mother at the last moment, and there was almost no hope left,” said Shaizy.

I had almost lost all hopes when this man came as Allah’s farishta (God’s angel) amid the lockdown,” said Shahana. “If I get an opportunity in my life, I will not hesitate to donate blood but also even my organ to save a person from different religion,” she said.

The act of Abhimanyu earned praise on social media. On late Sunday night, Abhimanyu, who is socially active and popular on social media, received a call about a Muslim woman with Army background in need of blood.

“I got a call from woman’s son Shaizy who requested me to help arrange blood for his ailing mother. Next morning, I tried to find donors, but could not find any. No donors were available, so finally, I decided to donate the blood myself,” Abhimanyu told. He immediately rushed to Seven Air Force hospital where Shahana was to undergo dialysis.

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