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  • India18, Dec 2019, 5:11 PM

    Operation Mandya: Is BJP planning to rope in more leaders from JD(S) bastion?

    After denting the JD(S) bastion, Mandya, by bagging the KR Pete seat in the recently held by-election, the BJP is reportedly planning to expand its base in the rest of the district. It is said that JD(S) MLAs Suresh Gowda and Ravindra Shrikhantaiah are cosying up to BJP leaders, indicating a switchover. While the BJP has agreed to this, JD(S) leaders, however, say this is just a rumour


  • 14, Apr 2018, 1:59 PM

    Karnataka Elections 2018: 'Even if BJP spends Rs 500 crores, they won't win in Karnataka': BJP MLA Suresh Gowda

    A video of BJP MLA from Tumakuru Rural B Suresh Gowda, saying that BJP won't win in Karnataka is going viral. "Even if BJP spends Rs 500 crores, it won't win in Karnataka. There is massive infighting within the party. RSS is extremely corrupt and greedy for power," he said. The MLA is known to be close to BJP's chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa.