Spiny Tail Lizards  

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  • Publicity Dec 12

    India12, Dec 2019, 5:01 PM IST

    Lizards believed to improve sexual performance smuggled into Bengaluru

    Bengaluru's techies and real estate developers demand monitor lizards and spiny lizards, which are believed to improve one's sexual performance. And this is becoming a reason for smugglers and tribals to transport monitor lizards and spiny lizards illegally into the city. Ten lizards in Koramangala Police limits were seized.

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    India12, Dec 2019, 9:52 AM IST

    Bengaluru: To improve sexual performance, spiny tail lizards smuggled from Rajasthan; six arrested

    Owing to the demand of some of Bengaluru's real estate developers and techies, who think that monitor lizard's meat and blood thinking will enhance their sexual performance, 10 spiny tail lizards were smuggled from Rajasthan. Koramangala Police caught six accused and seized the live lizards.