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  • Sofia Hayat

    10, Jun 2018, 1:25 PM IST

    Actress asked for ‘booking rate for one night,’ this is how she replyed

    Former Bigg Boss contestant and actress Sofia Hayat is not new to controversy and has always grabber headlines for her controversial statements. She has recently shared a picture of a private chat of her Instagram to expose a pervert who dared to ask her about her booking rates for one night. 

  • Sofia Hayat

    18, May 2018, 2:25 PM IST

    Model Sofia Hayat flaunts belly after suffering miscarriage: Watch video

    Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat, who was in the news for confirming her divorce with husband Vlad Stanescu and kicking him out of her house for allegedly conning her and telling lies to her is now again in limelight as she suffered a miscarriage. 

  • 25, Apr 2017, 9:59 AM IST

    In pics: Sofia Hayat has fairies, goddesses, unicorns and horses at her wedding

    Former Big Boss contestant Sofia Hayat married her beau, Romanian interior designer, Vlad Stanescu in London on Monday April 24. The couple's wedding was centered around an Egyptian ceremony and for this reason, the guests were dressed as royals. 

    Hayat, who calls herself Earth Mother, was dressed in a long golden gown, complete with gold jewellery and a crown which sat on her soft curls. Her husband complemented the royal theme of the occasion by donning a cream coloured sherwani and a crown that matched his wife's. The former reality star hinted on Instagram that her wedding's theme was going to be "God’s Goddesses Fairies and Angels." 

    Earlier, Hayat said she had taken up celibacy and was a nun. She told The Times of India, "I will never have sex, get married nor have children. Since I am the holy mother, everyone’s my children. I have to look after everyone and make sure they know there is no hell. It is heaven that they are living in."

  • Sofia Hayat

    15, Apr 2017, 8:42 AM IST

    Video: This actress has alleged sexual assault in Mecca

    Sofia Hayat along with her fiancée Vlad Stanescu has gone to the holy city of Mecca and she has been sharing photos and videos on her social media accounts. 

  • sofia and baba ramdev

    26, Sep 2016, 12:36 PM IST

    'Gaia Mother' Sofia Hayat takes a dig at Baba Ramdev

    Bollywood actress and a former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat takes a dig at Baba Ramdev, saying ‘I wear more clothes than the Yoga Guru’


  • Newsable Video

    20, Sep 2016, 2:47 AM IST

    Rakhi Sawant not happy with Sofia’s sensuous photoshoot

    Controversy’s favourite child, Rakhi Sawant, is at it again. After lambasting former porn star Sunny Leone for doing an item number in SRK’s next, Rakhi has now found a new target. And this time it is none other than our beloved - Gaia Mother Sofia. 

  • 28, Jun 2016, 3:35 AM IST

    This is huge! Former actress claims she gave birth to Lord Shiva

    If you thought bidding adieu to a glamorous life, removing her silicon implants and turning into a nun was the beginning of Sofia Hayat’s new life, just wait for this piece of news. The former model and actress has now claimed that she was the one who gave birth to Lord Shiva. Yes, you read it right. She gave birth to Lord Shiva!! 

  • Sofia Hayat

    14, Jun 2016, 6:41 AM IST

    Yoga guru writes an open letter to Mother Sofia

    Sofia Hayat's transformation into a nun broke a million hearts. Her tweets and pictures post the transformation sent her fans into frenzy. But it appears that the transformation has not gone down well with a former Bigg Boss contestant, Vivek Mishra, also known as the 'naked yoga guru'. 

  • Sofia Hayat

    23, May 2016, 9:39 AM IST

    Woah! Sexy Sofia converts into a catholic nun!

    The former Bigg Boss 7 contestant and model Sofia Hayat who had once posted a nude selfie has now converted to a conservative catholic nun