Police Torture  

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    7, May 2018, 5:24 PM

    Will Anoop turn out to be next Sreejith in Kerala?

    Anoop, accused in the case of throwing crackers at Assistant Sub Inspector's house in Calicut, Kerala, was taken into custody by the Kokhoor police. Anoop complained that he was beaten up by the cops while he was arrested from home. He was reportedly stripped naked for hours in the police lockup too. 

    Custodial death of Sreejith on April 9 raked up controversies that are still on fire in Kerala. This new incident is only going to spell more trouble for the men in khakhi.

    Anoop is believed to have endured continued torture for almost five hours before getting bail.  But soon after that Anoop fainted in front of the police station. The hospital authorities said there is no severe problem found in Anoop's health.

     Anoop filed a complaint about ASI's torture to the SP. The police department said the complaint provided by Anoop is fake and that he was taken into custody regarding the case of throwing crackers towards police officer's home. According to the police, after questioning Anoop, he was sent back. 

    Vadakara rural SP said a proper investigation would be done regarding this case.

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    30, Dec 2016, 7:04 AM

    Sub-Inspector told to pay ₹10, 000 compensation for custodial torture of minor

    The Commission also asked State Police Chief to issue an order that children shall not be summoned to police station in family disputes

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    25, Dec 2016, 1:21 PM

    Kerala police brutally tortures youth alleging robbery

    Police Complaints Authority chairman Justice Narayanakurup, who visited Naseer also confirmed that the cops had used third-degree torture against him

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    10, Dec 2016, 8:28 AM

    Custodial deaths on the rise in Kerala

    As many as 153 deaths owing to police torture was reported till October 2016 while 130 persons died n 2014-15