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  • <p>তাঁকে স্বাগত জানাতে গত কয়েকদিন ধরে প্রস্তুতি নিয়েছিল পুরো বাঁঁকুড়া। ফুল দিয়ে স্বাগত জানাচ্ছে বিজেপির দলীয় কর্মীরা।</p>

    India5, Nov 2020, 2:00 PM

    Amit Shah visits Ravindra Bhavan in Bankura

    After arriving in West Bengal’s Bankura District, Union Home Minister Amit Shah went to Puabagan, where he garlanded the statue of Birsa Munda. From Puabagan, Amit Shah went to Bankura's Ravindra Bhavan where he will hold an organisational meeting with the party workers. After meeting, the Union Home Minister will go to Chaturthi village, where he will have lunch with a tribal family. After having lunch, Amit Shah will again return to Ravindra Bhavan for conducting meetings.

  • Locket Chatterjee: Bengali actor Locket Chatterjee joined the BJP after quitting Trinamool Congress. Chatterjee, who was a member of the state’s women commission, also quit the role claiming that she felt suffocated in Trinamool. Presently, Chatterjee is the president of woman wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the state of West Bengal.

    India16, Oct 2020, 3:01 PM

    BJP MP Locket Chatterjee demands NIA probe In Bengal's Beleghata blast case

    BJP MP Locket Chatterjee demanded NIA probe into the Beleghata blast case. She wrote a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah about this matter. Locket Chatterjee, however, said the “Kolkata Police might suppress findings under pressure from the state government, which may later prove disastrous for public safety”.

  • <p>তেলেনিপাড়ায় লকেটকে ঢুকতে বাধা,করোনায় গোল পাকাচ্ছে একটি গোষ্ঠী-দাবি সাংসদের</p>

    India5, Oct 2020, 12:57 PM

    West Bengal: BJP leader Locket Chatterjee faces ‘Go Back’ slogans by Trinamool Youth Congress in Murshidabad

    BJP leader Locket Chatterjee paid a surprise visit to Murshidabad on October 4 in support of the Agriculture Bill. According to sources, the BJP leader was shown a black flag by the Trinamool Youth Congress in front of Singhi High School in Lalbagh while she was on her way to join another procession of the party in Berhampur.


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    India27, Apr 2020, 12:49 PM

    BJP MP Locket Chatterjee accuses TMC of stealing ration amid lockdown

    The issue regarding the relief fund in West Bengal during corona crisis is getting trickier day by day. Political disagreements, differences of opinion have dominated this pandemic situation. BJP MP Locket Chatterjee has accused TMC of stealing goods from the relief funds. 

  • Gold ATM

    19, Nov 2016, 7:38 AM

    After demonetization gold lockets of goddess become dearer in Kerala

    Investigators doubt that the demand for gold lockets was a deliberate attempt to make black money white.

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    3, May 2016, 3:07 AM

    FIR against Anubrata, Locket Chatterjee for violating poll code

    The Election Commission filed FIR and show cause notices against leaders from the opposition as well ruling Trinamool for violating model poll conduct.