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  • <p>Study Medicine abroad at low tuition fee, but at a quality comparable to the best</p>

    India15, Oct 2020, 8:17 PM

    Study Medicine abroad at low tuition fee, but at a quality comparable to the best

    Students often dream themselves to be in professional careers, be it an Engineer, Doctor, lawyer, Chartered Accountant or many other such professions.  
    However, those opting for Pure Science in +2, are sure to have a medical course ( MBBS) as their first option. With the induction of NEET as a common entrance test for candidates willing to join for a medical course, the competition for the lesser quotient of seats versus the number of students taking the test is unimaginable. To get into some of the renowned Medical colleges in the country is possible only if the student is among the top 4000-5000 rank.

  • <p>ಉತ್ತರ ಶ್ರೀನಗರದ ಬಾರಾಮುಲ್ಲಾ ಮಿಲಿಟರಿ ಹೆಡ್‌ಕ್ವಾರ್ಟರ್ಸ್‌ನಲ್ಲಿ ಲೆಫ್ಟಿನೆಂಟ್ ಕರ್ನಲ್ ಹುದ್ದೆ ಅಲಂಕರಿಸಿದ ಬಳಿಕ ಮಹೇಂದ್ರ ಸಿಂಗ್ ಸೇನಾ ಅಧಿಕಾರಿಗಳೊಂದಿಗೆ ಹೆಜ್ಜೆಹಾಕಿದ ಕ್ಷಣಗಳು.</p>

    CRICKET10, Sep 2020, 1:13 PM

    IPL 2020: CSK captain MS Dhoni speaks on Rafale induction; reveals his favourite fighter jet

    Ahead of IPL 2020, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain MS Dhoni has spoken on the induction of Rafale jets. Also, he revealed his favourite fighter jet

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<strong>হিমাচল প্রদেশের পাহাড়ি এলাকায় প্রস্তুতি শুরু করে দিয়েছে পাঁচ রাফাল যুদ্ধবিমান, জানিয়েছে ভারতীয় বায়ুসেনা। রাতের বেলা পাহাড়ি এলাকায় নজরদারি চালানোর প্রস্তুতি নিচ্ছেন পাইলটরা। প্রয়োজন হলে কীভাবে মিসাইল ছুড়তে হবে শত্রু ঘাঁটিতে তার প্রশিক্ষণও চলছে। বায়ুসেনা সূত্র জানাচ্ছে, রাফালের বিয়ন্ড ভিসুয়াল রেঞ্জ এয়ার-টু-এয়ার মেটিওর মিসাইল ও এয়ার-টু-গ্রাউন্ড স্কাল্প মিসাইলের পরীক্ষা করা হচ্ছে। ১৫৯৭ কিলোমিটার প্রকৃত নিয়ন্ত্রণরেখা জুড়ে রাতের বেলা কড়া পাহাড়া দেবে রাফাল। মিসাইল-যুক্ত হয়েই টহলদারি চালাবে যুদ্ধবিমান।</strong></p>

    India21, Aug 2020, 4:17 PM

    IAF likely to have a high-profile induction ceremony of Rafale jets

    The IAF plans to induct Rafale jets later this month. Touted to be high-profile, PM Modi and French Defence minister are likely to participate in it  

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    India29, Jul 2020, 2:31 PM

    Rafale Fighter Jets Will Force Enemy To Think Hard, Says Abhijit Iyer-Mitra

    The first batch of the French Rafale fighter jets touched down at Haryana’s Amala on July 29 after covering a distance of nearly 7,000 km to join the Indian Air Force fleet. These jets, which are India’s first major acquisition of fighter planes in over 2 decades, will introduce new capabilities in IAF's fighter fleet that will be unrivalled in the region. We asked Defence and Foreign Policy analyst Abhijit Iyer-Mitra if the induction of this omnirole fighter sends a strong message to China and Pakistan about India’s air power and defence preparedness and here’s what he had to say.

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    India28, Jul 2020, 8:48 PM

    Rafale Fighter Jets A Game-Changer For IAF, Says Air Marshal Anil Chopra

    The first batch of the much-awaited Rafale fighter jets took off from France on July 27 and are enroute to India. The distance covered by them is close to 7,000 kms, and will require air-to-air refueling. The aircraft will be inducted at Air Force Station Ambala on July 29, subject to weather and the final induction ceremony will take place in the second half of August. We spoke to Air Marshal Anil Chopra (retired), an Indian Air Force (IAF) test pilot and a pioneer of the Mirage-2000 fleet, and here’s what he had to say on the five Rafale fighter jets that are on their way to India.

  • सिंधिया का अक्सर गुजरात के बड़ौदा आना जाना रहता है। बड़ौदा की महारानी का प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी अत्यधिक सम्मान करते हैं और उनसे उनके संबंध भी अच्छे हैं। जिसकी वजह से यह कहा जा रहा कि सिंधिया को भाजपा के करीब लाने में महारानी ने मध्यस्थता की।

    India11, Mar 2020, 6:46 PM

    Jyyotiraditya Scindia gets Rajya Sabha ticket from BJP

    Jyotiraditya Scindia has changed the face of Madhya Pradesh politics. His resignation from the Congress and induction to the BJP has put the question on the stability of the government in the state

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    7, Jun 2018, 3:52 PM

    Game of Numbers: Astrology behind Karnataka ministers swearing-in at 2.12 PM

    Here's the secret behind the bizarre timing of swearing in

  • LCA Tajas banner

    1, Jul 2016, 7:19 AM

    In Pics: IAF makes history, inducts LCA Tejas via two-plane squadron

    The squadron - Flying daggers 45 - will be based in Bengaluru for the first two years before it is moved to Sulur, in Tamil Nadu