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    DefenceMay 8, 2021, 6:09 PM IST

    First batch of women soldiers inducted into Indian Army

    Bengaluru-based the Corps of Military Police Centre & School (CMP C&S) held the attestation parade all women soldiers at the Dronacharya Parade Ground as a low key event.

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    DefenceApr 2, 2021, 6:03 PM IST

    First batch of Lady Lance Naiks to join Army on May 8

    During their training, the women soldiers have had the same terms and conditions as applicable to their male counterparts. Once they are inducted into the force, 60 per cent of cadets will be deployed in the peace areas while remaining in the field.

  • <p>পাশাপাশি, ছত্রধর মাহাতোকে তৃণমূলের সাধারণ সম্পাদক করা নিয়ে মমতাকে কটাক্ষ করেন সূর্যকান্ত। তিনি বলেন, ''মাওবাদীদের প্রধান যিনি, যিনি জ্ঞানেশ্বরী দুর্ঘটনার নায়ক। তিনিই এখন তৃণমূলের সাধারণ সম্পাদক। তৃণমূলের মধ্যেই মাওবাদী রয়েছে''। &nbsp;<br />

    IndiaOct 15, 2020, 3:54 PM IST

    Ten thousand people join CPM-Congress rally in West Midnapore

    The CPM held a large-scale rally in Midnapore. After watching hundreds of people joining the rally, CMP leader Suryakanta Mishra felt very confident. Although the CPM-Congress called for a joint procession, only a few members of the Congress were seen in the rally. CPM workers across the 21st block of West Midnapore district came in huge numbers and joined the procession.