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  • <p><strong>पटना (Bihar) ।</strong> एक मुस्लिम अपने धर्म को लेकर काफी पाबंद है। लेकिन, वो सिगरेट पीने की लत में पड़ गया। इसे लेकर परेशान उसकी बीवी ने इस्लाम के जानकारों से&nbsp;राय मांगी है। वहीं,&nbsp;इस्लामी दावा रिसर्च फाउंडेशन से दी गई जानकारी में कहा गया है कि धूमपान इस्लाम में वर्जित है। इमारत-ए-शरिया के नाजिम ने भी इसपर मुहर लगा दी है। कहा कि किसी भी वस्तु का जरूरत से ज्यादा प्रयोग और स्वास्थ्य के लिए हानिकारक सभी वस्तुएं हराम हैं।</p>

    BIZARRE21, Aug 2020, 5:49 PM

    Muslim woman seeks divorce because husband never fights with her

    In a bizarre case, a divorce is being sought by a Muslim woman from Uttar Pradesh because her husband, in their 18 months of marriage, has never picked up a quarrel, nor scolded her and even cooks for her. Unable to digest this love, she wants to separate from him.

  • cow dung

    Crime10, Aug 2020, 12:42 PM

    Thieves get hands dirty, steal 1000kg cow dung from cattle shed

    In a bizarre case, about 1000 kilograms of cow dung was stolen from a cattle shed. Under the new scheme 'Godhan Nyay Yojan' launched by Congress government of Chhattisgarh, procurement of dung from farmers at Rs 2 a kilo was made. It is said that dung worth Rs 2,000 was stolen.

  • <p>Ayyappanum</p>

    Weird News7, Jul 2020, 2:11 PM

    Man on business trip dies while having sex with stranger; court asks firm to compensate family

    In one of the most bizarre cases, a man on a business trip, decided to hook up with a woman whom he didn’t know. Despite being married and having a family, the man thought he could get away with it, but fate had other plans. He suffered a heart attack during intercourse and died. The company who sponsored the trip is being asked by a court to compensate his family.