World Health Organisation has landed in yet another controversy after the global health body wrongly depicted Jammu and Kashmir on the Indian map.

The map on the WHO's Covid-19 situation dashboard shows J&K and Ladakh have been marked in totally different colours. 

The Indian map was shaded blue while the Union Territories of Ladakh and J&K were marked grey. The disputed border area of Aksai Chin is demarcated with grey with blue stripes, the same shade as that of China.

The Covid-19 scenario dashboard depicts the latest pandemic tally across the world. 

Defending the map, the WHO clarified that it follows the United Nation guidelines and practice regarding maps.

This is not the first time that a distorted map of India has appeared on the public domain. 

In October last year, microblogging platform Twitter had faced flak for displaying Ladakh as a part of the People's Republic of China. 

Following that, Twitter was grilled by the Parliamentary Committee on IT, forcing the platform to issue an apology and correct its maps.