A shocking video has emerged of a brutal case of animal cruelty in Tamil Nadu's Nilgiris where a wild elephant was set on fire by a group of people who have now been arrested.

The wild elephant had strayed into human habitat in Masinagudi in Nilgiris district. 


In the video, the accused can be seen trying to scare the pachyderm with a fire torch. Moments later, a flaming object is hurled on the retreating animal. In excruciating pain, the elephant can be seen trumpeting into the woods. 

Forest department officials who found the 40-year-old tusker lying near a dam tried to revive the animal, but couldn't succeed. 

An autopsy done on the elephant suggested that the septic fistula was filled with pus and severe loss of blood leading to acute anaemia, hypovolemia resulted in shock and death of the animal.

The brutality has sent shockwaves across the region.

Another video filmed a heartbreaking moment of a forest ranger breaking down as the remains of the elephant were being taken away. The video shared by Indian Forest Service officer Ramesh Pandey shows the forester stroking the dead tusker's trunk.



Meanwhile, officials informed that two of the suspects -- identified as Prasath and Raymond Dean -- had been arrested. Another accused, Ricky Rayan is at large.