Prime Minister Modi launched a scathing counterstrike on Opposition parties that have been protesting against farm laws and claimed that those who were seeking to find political relevance were misleading farmers on agricultural reforms.

Here are key highlights from his address:

* Some people spreading myth and lies that land will be taken away if farmers enter into contract farming. Some parties pushing political agenda by opposing new farm laws

* Farmers saying that no land will be lost will help eradicate misinformation that politicians with vested interests are spreading

* Today, with one click, Rs 18,000 crore have been deposited directly in the bank accounts of over 9 crore farmer families of the country. Ever since this scheme started, over 1 lakh 10 thousand crore rupees have reached the account of farmers

* I regret that over 70 lakh farmers and siblings of my West Bengal have not been able to get this benefit. More than 23 lakh farmers of Bengal have applied online to take advantage of this scheme. But the state government has stopped the verification process for so long

* The parties, which do not speak in the interest of farmers in West Bengal, are come here in Delhi and talk about the farmer. These parties are talking a lot about APMC-mandis nowadays. But these parties repeatedly forget that there is no APMC-mandi in Kerala. These people never agitate in Kerala

* We worked by aiming to reduce the input cost of the farmers of the country. Soil health card, neem coating of urea, scheme for millions of solar pumps have been started.
The government tried to provide better crop insurance cover to the farmers. Today, crores of farmers are getting the benefit of PM crop insurance scheme

* Our government tried to ensure that the country's farmer gets a fair price for the crop. As per the report of the Swaminathan Committee, we gave one and a half times the cost of MSP to farmers. Earlier, MSP was available on only a few crops, we also increased that too.

* Those who remained in the govt previously for several years left the farmers to suffer. They made promises and forgot. Due to the agriculture policies of the previous government, the poor became poorer. Was it not important to change this state of farmers?

* Do you want to sell your produce in another state? You can. 

* Do you want to sell the produce together through FPO? You can.

* Do you want to be a part of the value chain of biscuits, chips, jam and other consumer products? You can.

* Do you want to sell your produce at MSP ie MSP? You can.

* Do you want to sell your produce in the market? You can.

* Do you want to export your produce? You can.

* Do you want to sell it to the merchant? You can.

* Recently, Panchayat elections were held in many states like Assam, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir. The people, mainly from the rural areas, participated in it. In a way, they have rejected all the parties that misled farmers.