Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday addressed the nation where he discussed the prevailing Covid-19 situation in the country and appealed to the country to come together to prevent another round of lockdown. 

Here are highlights of his address to the nation.

* In today's situation, we have to save the country from lockdown. I would also request the states to use lockdown as the last option. Have to try hard to avoid lockdown.

* I request youngsters to help ensure Covid appropriate behaviour in their society, by making small committees in residential apartments. Doing this will ensure that we will not have to create any containment zones or impose curfews and lockdown.

* I request state governments to instil confidence among migrant labourers and urge them to stay where they are. They should be assured that they will be vaccinated over the next few days and that their work will also not be stopped.

* Our effort is not just to save lives, but also to ensure that economic activities and livelihoods are minimally affected.

 By opening the vaccination to people above the age of 18 years, the vaccine available in our workforce in the cities will become increasingly available

* From May 1 onwards, anyone above 18 years of age can be vaccinated. Now half the vaccine that will be made in India will also be given directly to the states and hospitals.

* India was the fastest to administer 10 million, then 11 million and now 12 million vaccine doses.

* A team effort enabled our country to launch the world's largest vaccination campaign with two made in India vaccines. From the first phase of vaccination itself, it was emphasized that the vaccine should reach as many people as possible in needy areas.

* Our scientists have developed vaccines for the countrymen in a very short time, day and night. Today, the cheapest vaccine in the world is available in India. The country has a vaccine suited to its cold chain system.

* Measures are being taken at several levels to increase oxygen production and supply. Every possible effort is being made, including setting up new oxygen plants in the states, delivery of over one lakh new cylinders, re-routing oxygen from industrial units for medical purposes and operating Oxygen Express.

* This time, the demand for oxygen has increased in many parts of the country. This demand is being addressed rapidly and with full sensitivity. Central and state governments are trying their best to get oxygen to each needy person.

* Those people who have lost their lives in the past, I express my condolences on behalf of all the countrymen. As a family member, I am part of your grief. The challenge is big, but we have to overcome it with our resolve, courage and preparation.

* The country is once again fighting a very big battle against Coronavirus. A few weeks ago, the conditions had stabilized and then came the second wave of Coronavirus. I feel the pain you are suffering, the pain you are suffering.