The News Broadcasters Federation has asked the Broadcast Audience Research Council to release the audience measurement ratings in the news genre.

In a statement, the NBF also requested the rating agency to take corrective measures for future data. 

The trade body of TV news channels said that 'any further withholding of data beyond the initially envisaged 12-weeks is counterproductive'.

To recall, BARC had suspended releasing the weekly viewership data for channels in the news genre in October 2020 after the Mumbai Police claimed that some channels had been manipulating television rating points data. 

BARC has been delaying the TRP data stating that it was looking to improve its 'statistical robustness' and significantly 'hamper the potential attempts of infiltrating the panel homes'. 

The NBF stated that the television news ratings should be brought back as promised since the 12-week period was already over.

In its statement, the NBF said: "News channels employ hundreds of thousands of media professionals and their livelihood depends on the revenues generated by a news channel and is directly related to the audience measurement data." 

The NBF claimed that the TRP data was critical for both Indian Society of Advertisers and Advertising  Agencies Association of India, both of which are major stakeholders of the advertising fraternity.