Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar wrote an open letter to farmers on Thursday in a bid to clear confusion over the three farm laws which has seen farmers camping outside the national capital New Delhi since the last 23 days.

In his eight-page letter, Tomar stated that he too belonged to a family of farmers and that it was his duty to clear the confusion being created by the opposition over the farm laws

The agriculture minister said "I belong to a farmer's family too. Since childhood, I have experienced the tough life that farmers do. I have seen the distress of untimely rain, the happiness of timely monsoon. I also know what it takes to grow or sell crops. I have also seen the week-long wait to sell crops. It is very satisfactory that after implementation of the law, MSP procurement has set a new record this time." 



Stating that most of the farmers were happy with the new farm bills, Tomar said the government is even ready to give a written assurance on MSP and address their concerns in the three laws. 

"In the last six years, the Modi government has taken a lot of steps for farmers. Through these bills, the government has provided an additional option for farmers to sell their product anywhere they want," Tomar wrote.

Slamming the Congress for not acting on recommendations made in the Swaminathan Committee report for eight years, the minister urged the farmers with "with folded hands" to consider the facts.

"As Agriculture Minister, it is my responsibility to break the conspiracy that is being spread in the name of the farm laws between the government and the farmer sitting on protest near Delhi's borders," he wrote. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared Tomar's letter and urged farmers and common citizens to read it. 



"Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomarji has written a letter to farmer brothers and sisters and expressed his feelings. He has made an effort to engage in a humble dialogue. I request all 'annadaatas' (farmers), do read it. I also request all the people of the country to ensure that this letter reaches more and more people," PM Modi tweeted in Hindi.