Aam Aadmi Party has claimed that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been put under house arrest, a claim swiftly denied by the police.

In a tweet, the AAP informed that Kejriwal had been placed under house arrest ever since he visited farmers at Singhu Border on Monday.


The party also claimed that MLA Akhilesh Tripathi was manhandled by the police after he was blocked from meeting Kejriwal.


AAP claims that the Delhi Police is acting as per directive of the Union Home Minister. "Not even the maid is being allowed to enter the chief minister's house. Our MLAs who came to attend a pre-scheduled meeting at the CM residence are being drageed through the streets by the Delhi police, but BJP workers are being allowed to stage protests. There is heavy barricading all around the CM's residence."


The Delhi Police, however, refuted the AAP's claims.

Anto Alphonse, DCP North Delhi, said: "It is a general deployment to avoid any clash between AAP and any other party. CM has not been put under house arrest."