The Bharatiya Janata Party targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi ahead of his media briefing on the farm laws issue with BJP president J P Nadda posing a series of questions that he hoped the latter would answer now that he had returned from his 'monthly vacation'.

Here are the 11 questions Nadda posed to Rahul:

* "When will Rahul Gandhi, his dynasty and Congress stop lying on China?" 

* "Can he deny that thousands of kilometres, including the one in Arunachal Pradesh he is referring to, was gifted by none other than Pandit Nehru to the Chinese?"

* "Time and again, why does Congress surrender to China?"

* "Does Rahul Gandhi have any intention to cancel the Congress Party Memorandum of Understanding with China and their Communist Party?"

* "Does he intend to return the Chinese largesse to trusts controlled by his family? Or will their policies and practices continue to be dictated by Chinese money and MoU?"

* "Rahul Gandhi spared no opportunity to demotivate the nation in the spirited fight against COVID-19. Today, when India has one of the lowest cases and our scientists have come up with a vaccine, why has he not congratulated the scientists and lauded 130 crore Indians even once?"

* "When will Congress stop provoking and misleading farmers of India?"

* "Why did the UPA stall the Swaminathan Commission report for years and did not increase the MSP?"

* Why did farmers remain poor for decades under Congress governments?
Does he feel sympathy for farmers only in opposition?

* Rahul Gandhi has been spreading lies that all APMC mandis will be closed down. But wasn't action against the APMC Act a part of Congress manifesto? Would that not have closed down mandis?

* Rahul Gandhi enjoyed Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. Why did his party ban it and insult Tamil culture when they were in power? Is he not proud of India's culture and ethos?