204 Britain returnees go untraced in Bengaluru and all of them are said to have switched off their contact phones which has sent the health department into a tizzy.

As per reports, over 40,000 people from Britain returned to India from November till date. The southern states started to panic a few days ago after a Chennai man and a mother and daughter from Bengaluru also tested positive for Covid-19 and are waiting for results on the new strain from NIV.

Amidst this scare, 204 persons are said to have gone untraced and reportedly switched off their mobile phones.

Due to this development, now the police department and health staff are dependent on BBMP for address purposes to trace and then subject them to mandatory test and hospitalization based on the report and symptoms.

BBMP Chief Health Officer has stated that the BBMP and government has made it mandatory for all those coming from abroad to test after news of the new strain is sweeping the UK.

Meanwhile, the health department has stated that all those returnees who have been tested positive for COVID-19 so far, are safe and recovering.

The department is now keeping its finger crossed as the swab results from the National Institute of Virology which was sent to detect new strain is yet to come. Based on the results further treatment plans will be announced.