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Google AI mastering art of conversation with erotic novels

Google AI mastering art of conversation with erotic romance novels
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Google's latest venture into the realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves the creation of an intelligent assistant, which is capable of learning and mastering the art of human conversation through erotic romance novels.


The AI assistant has reportedly spent the last few months reading erotic romance novels in its bid to understand human language better and fine-tune the conversational skills to perfection.


The AI has been rummaging through a bunch of books including some popular titles like Fatal Desire, Ignited, Jacked Up and Unconditional Love to master the art of writing beautiful and robust script akin to top-of-the-line romantic novels.


Her blouse sprang apart. He was assaulted with the sight of lots of pale creamy flesh bursting out of a hot pink bra, the cleavage high and perky. It was a gorgeous surprise, all that breast she’d been hiding under her crisp tailored shirts.


Google has been feeding some steamy and raunchy lines such as these flicked from top romance novels to the AI engine as it could fuel its personality growth and induce smart, conversational skills, the BuzzFeed reports.


Researchers overseeing the development of this project believe that parsing the text of romance novels could enable the AI to learn the colloquial language, given the predictable themes and plotlines of such stories.


The machine learning concept could further allow Google's AI assistants such as Search, Google Now and Smart Reply to interpret better and respond to spoken as well as written language in the emails.


Here is what Andrew Dai (Google software engineer) said to BuzzFeed regarding the development of the new AI engine:


In the Google app the responses are very factual. Hopefully with this work, and future work, it can be more conversational, or can have a more varied tone, style, or register


Although Google is unlikely to release a public version of the raised-on-erotica AI, especially after Microsoft's teen Twitter bot 'Tay' was recalled in the wake of its abusive behaviour with humans on the micro-blogging site.


Nevertheless, Google's AI is touted to be theoretically capable of writing a romance novel of its own, which Dai has termed as "quite sexy" and "very imaginative".


Elaborating on the concept of AI engine raised on romance novels, Dai claims that humans would eventually fall in love with it as in the case of a sculptor who builds statues of the most beautiful woman to have ever existed on the planet.


"If you can fall in love with a statue, I don’t see why you couldn’t fall in love with a neural network trained on romance novels,” Dai explains.



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