Samsung continues to experiment with its screen and if rumours are to be believed, the latest in the list is foldable screens. Their curved screen has already proved successful and graces the top end phones as a standard feature. 

The new model scheduled for 2017 is expected to be a foldable phone with screens on both sides or a single OLED foldable display. Rumours are rife that the company has already produced few sample foldable phones to assess market response. However, device is not bendable in any way, but two sides joined with a panel. 

The in-foldable smartphone will have a foldable display panel on both sides of the phones while out-foldable phone will have a foldable screen. 


Reports are that the company has acquired patent for the concept of a foldable handset and sketches of probable design and a picture of prototype has surfaced on internet. The low resolution picture features a black and white prototype sort of design. However, details on the feasibility of the design is not known. 


We couldn't help but wonder, if Samsung is in for another discovery that is going to enhance the visual experience provided by smarphones.