A couple, Kathiresan and Meenakshi in November, last year had approached the Madras High Court and had claimed that Dhanush was their son and had demanded Rs 65,000 as monthly maintenance from him.

The couple had claimed that Dhanush had run away from the hostel when he was in class 11. They even had produced a certificate of the 10th standard which had the identity marks specifications.

As Dhanush refused a DNA test, the test on his birth marks were carried out at Madurai Medical College. The doctors also had said that the birthmarks could be removed with laser surgery. But they also said that it was not possible to erase the scars.

After all the tests the court has ruled that the couple was not Dhanush’s parents as none of the specifications given by the couple matched that of Dhanush’s.

However, the couple had even said that Dhanush ran from the hostel and eventually met filmmaker Kasturi Raja, who is believed as the biological father of the actor. Meenakshi said that she was working as a domestic help and Raja accepted Dhanush as his son after he found success in the film industry.

However, currently Dhanush has won, and it is said that the couple was trying to get a monthly maintenance and it was a ploy to get money.