PV Sindhu's badminton career has just got started, as she is the reigning champion of the BWF World Championship, having won the gold medal last year. However, it is her latest Twitter post that has taken her fans by storm, where she hinted at retirement.

On Monday, she posted a series of three pictures on her Twitter handle, as she explained her ongoing distress. She used a folding hands smiley, while the first picture read, "Denmark Open was the final straw. I RETIRE."

The second photo read, "I have been thinking about coming clean with my feelings for a while now. I admit I have been struggling to deal with it. It just feels so wrong, you know. That's why I'm writing today to tell you that I'm done. It's understandable if you're shocked or confused, but by the time you finish reading this, you would have learnt about my point of view, and hopefully, will support it too."

"This pandemic has been an eye-opener for me. I could train hard to fight the toughest of opponents, tooth and nail, right till the final shot of the game. I have done it before; I can do it again. But how do I defeat this invisible virus that has the entire world in a fix? It has been months at home, and we still question ourselves every time we step out. Internalizing all this and reading about so many heart-breaking stories online has got me to question a lot about myself and this world we live in. Not being able to represent India in the Denmark Open was the last straw," it maintained.

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It continued in the third photo, that read, "Today, I choose to retire from this current sense of unrest. I retire from this negativity, the constant fear, the uncertainty, I choose to retire from a complete lack of control over the known.

"Most importantly, I choose to retire from substandard hygiene standards and our lackadaisical attitude towards the virus. We must not digress; we need to be better prepared. We must defeat this virus together. The choices we make Today will define our future and the future of the next generation. We cannot afford to let them down," it added.

"I may have given you guys a mini-heart attack; unprecedented times requires unprecedented measures. I guess I needed to get you guys to sit up and take notice. That being said, we must be hopeful about the light shining at the end of the tunnel. Yes, Denmark Open didn't happen, but that won't stop me from training. When life comes at you, one must come back twice as hard. So will I for the Asia Open. I refuse to give up without putting up a solid fight. I refuse to give up without conquering this fear. And will carry on doing so till we have a safer world," it concluded.

The post immediately did shock the fans. While many do believe that Sindhu might have retired, it is yet not clear, as the latter part of the post says that she would continue to train for the upcoming Asia Open.

Sindhu has been in the news of late. She reportedly had a rift with her father and her coach, Pullela Gopichand, as he went to London alone to train. Nonetheless, she had cleared the air on the same via a post on Instagram, that nothing sort of that happened.


I came to London a few days back to work on my nutrtion and recovery needs with GSSI.Infact I have come here with the consent of my parents and absolutely they were no family rifts in this regard. Why will I have problems/issues with my parents who have sacrificed their lives for my sake. Mine is a very close knitted family and they will always support me. I am in touch with my family members everyday. Also I do not have any issues with my coach Mr Gopichand or the training facilities at the academy. Mr M. Ratnakar the sports reporter of TOI who is spreading false news should know the facts first before writing them. If he doesn’t stop, I may have to resort to legal proceedings against him. @toi_sports @gopichandpullela

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