In a shocking incident on Monday, the youth wing of Kerala Congress (M) killed, hung at least five stray dogs on a pole and marched to the Kottayam Municipality office.


The inhuman act was an attempt to protest against the failure of the authorities to tackle the growing stray dog menace in the town.



The government said that it will cull stray dogs after a 65-year-old Thiruvananthapuram woman died in August, rejecting Gandhi's opposition to the decision.


Photo Credit: Prasad

The 'messiahs' of the society demanded to send these bodies in a parcel to the Gandhi.


However, the corpses of the dogs were removed by the city corporation staff. These bodies will be 


The police have registered a case against 15 party workers for cruelty against animals. and on Tuesday the bodies


On 16 September, Gils Periappuram, a Municipality ward councillor of Piravam in Ernakulam was arrested by the police for killing 10 stray dogs. He was later let off on bail.


Similar acts repeated when Panchayat representatives of Chengamanadu in Aluva killed 26 stray dogs.