Ugadi is one of the most important festivals in Karnataka as it marks the beginning of the new Hindu calendar.  On the occasion of Ugadi, families in Karnataka prepare a simple yet auspicious dish, known as Bevu-Bella. It is made using six ingredients - signifying the various tastes of life and also that of human emotions.


Here are the six ingredients used during the preparation of Bevu-Bella


 1. Green mango

Unripened mango signifies surprise.


2. Neem flower/buds

Neem flowers carried the taste of bitterness signifying sadness.


3. Green chilli

the spicy taste of green chilli portrays as anger. 


4. Jaggery

The sweet taste of jaggery brings happiness. 


5. Salt

Salt depicts as fear. 


6. Tamarind

Tamarind signifies as disgust.