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Top 8 Dishes In Ahmedabad that Hold the Wholesomeness of Punjabi Flavours

Punjabi cuisine has travelled all across the nation to deliver good taste and be loved by everyone. It lives in the hearts of people in every nook and corner of the country. Be it in Jalandhar or Ahmedabad, you can enjoy this cuisine’s most delectable dishes almost everywhere, with the top restaurants offering additional regional taste.


Top 8 Dishes In Ahmedabad that Hold the Wholesomeness of Punjabi Flavours
First Published Apr 8, 2024, 4:21 PM IST

If you are in Ahmedabad and craving some Punjabi tadka and butter-loaded curries, then here are the top 8 Punjabi dishes offered by the Punjabi restaurants in Ahmedabad. 

Butter Chicken At Dashmesh Hotel

We can’t say butter chicken was born in Punjab, but it was first made by a Punjabi family. That makes it equal, right? Since then, this lightly spiced, creamy, and delicious gravy has become a culinary favourite—not just Indian but global. 

Did that just make your mood for butter chicken tonight? Then, order it straight from 4.5 rated on Swiggy, Dashmesh Hotel. This is one of the best Punjabi restaurants in Ahmedabad if you want to satiate yourself with lots of creaminess of chicken gravy, served with soft and tender naan or rumali roti. 

Chhole bhature at Rumaali - The Indian Kitchen

Chhole, a culinary Punjabi favourite, is deeply cooked lentils in ample Indian spices, turning into soft bites with a lot of flavour. The soft and tender bhature is like a bite of heaven.

Don’t worry if you are in Gujarat, as you can still grab it fresh with Rumaali - The Indian Kitchen, the best Punjabi restaurant in Ahmedabad. Ranked among the top restaurants, this place gives you everything that you need. The hot chole bhature, Chhole Kulche, and Chhole Puri are among the best versions of chickpeas that you could ever ask for. 

Parathas at The Punjabi Food Junction

If you want to thank the kind Punjabis for anything, then you must thank them for inventing Parathas. Eating paratha for breakfast, ordering paratha in the office for lunch, and having a garma garam paratha for dinner are prominent in India. In fact, the taste of paratha is reminiscent of the lunch box parathas that Indian moms pack with love for their children. 

If you are in this town, then The Punjabi Food Junction is the perfect Punjabi restaurant in Ahmedabad to order parathas from. Here, you will find numerous mouth-watering options of Paneer Paratha, Cheese Paratha, Punjabi Masala Paratha, and make your day merrier. 

Dal Makhani at 1944 The Hocco Kitchen

Dal Makhni is pure bliss. Made with black lentils and red kidney beans, dal makhani is a mix of these two dals, slow-cooked to make a hot and delectable Indian gravy. To add to the thickness and tenderness, the topping of cream on it makes it the best match. 

Order this online from 1944 The Hocco Kitchen, where you can get the super-tempting pairs of Subzi Biryani + Dal Makhani and Dal Makhani + Lachha Paratha and enjoy a wholesome combination of dal. The creamy dal is sure to be comforting. 

Amritsari Fish at The Punjabi Virsa

The magnetic force of Amritsari fish is the reason why people are more often in love with this delicacy. And the best part is how you can savour the awesomeness of Amritsar while not being a part of the city. If you are in Ahmedabad, then you should order the Amritsari fish tikka and the Amritsari fish fry from The Punjabi Virsa. With these, the accompaniment of green chutney, mint leaves, onion ring, and lots of lemons makes it the best food to enjoy. Your heart will skip a beat with every bite. 

Paneer Tikka at 1944 The Hocco Kitchen

When talking about one of the favourite appetisers amongst vegetarians, paneer tikka simply tops the list. This chargrilled and finely grilled cottage cheese is infamous for its depth of flavours. 

In this, yet again 1944 The Hocco Kitchen is being the talk of the town for its Punjabi food. This place serves you the best in town paneer tikka with the depth of smoked flavour and more spiciness. To add to your surprise, they offer stuffed paneer tikka i.e. paneer pudina tikka stuffed with smokey chutney, adding a ride of flavours. You will not ask for anything better than this. 

Pindi Chole at TGIK - The Great Indian Kitchen

Punjabi's everlasting relation with chhole is unmatched. Whether in the form of chole bhature or pindi chole, having it at dinner is always a good idea. Pindi chole is the advanced Indian version of chickpeas with more aromatic spices and robust flavours, and it tastes marvelous with rice. 

Even in Ahmedabad, you can still have it at the TGIK Punjabi restaurant. This restaurant houses the exclusive pindi chole, served with rice and topped with onion rings and mint. Have these at night because you will love to sleep in peace afterward. 

Rajma Chawal By Royal Punjab Paratha

The journey from Kashmir to Ahmedabad could not be any better. Thanks to a North Indian favourite, rajma chawal, which is recognized as the most comforting food. To grab these, simply place your order from the best Rajma Chawal place in town, namely Royal Punjab Paratha. Placed with a side of pickles, and topped with onions and mint, this happy meal is surely the best dinner for small celebrations. 

Finding the best Punjabi dishes in Ahmedabad is now easy. Simply place your order online at Swiggy and find the top Punjabi restaurants in Ahmedabad catering to a wholesome menu, prompt delivery, and taste like never before. Order online, and you will find each of these restaurants serving you lip-smacking food in the least time. 

What are you waiting for? Begin your Punjabi food exploration today

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