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5 ways you can drive feminism home even if you are a man

  • Perform your share of household chores and do not burden your wife with everything.
  • Let them have their day offs with family and friends.
  • Give them company when they need your help or advise.
5 ways you can drive feminism home even if you are a man
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Posing feministic messages through virtual media is not the only way a man can render support to the cause of feminism. It would have a true and real meaning only when he actually follows the ideas at home and outside. Impossible you say? But it is as much possible as criticising the men who follow their hearts and stand by women for various causes. So, here are some practical ways you could actually put into practice:

Do as much household chores to support your wife/partner: Doing household chores is not your wife's responsibility alone. You could help her and show that you care and appreciate her contribution. And if you are still thinking, count the number of chores you perform and that your wife does and you would realise her contribution in your household.

Give them their space: Women ought to have the time for themselves, they very much deserve. Acknowledge that and let them have a day off with friends and their families. They need time off from your parents, you and your children. Plan a solo vacation for her. She would appreciate it.

Give them the comfort of mind silently: No, we do not want you to be chauvinists. But if you are walking on the street and see a woman walking alone, change to the other side to make her feel comfortable and safe. She should know that she is not being stalked. If you see a vacant seat adjacent to a woman, let a woman take that seat.

Trust what she says: If your wife, friend, partner or daughter narrates an ordeal in a bus, trust her and find a solution to comfort her. If she is uncomfortable about something or someone, talk to her. Share your own experiences and try to help her with solutions. But ensure that she is not judged in the process.

Stop sexist jokes and remarks: If you are in a company of friends and they are cracking sexist jokes, stop them right there. This way, you are sending out two messages. One, that you respect women and two you can get equally disturbed if a woman is harassed in front of you. 

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