Bengaluru: Oxfam Trailwalker India was flagged off to a brilliant start at the beautiful Nandi Hills in Bengaluru over the weekend. The ninth edition of the event witnessed over 1,600 participants comprising over 400 teams with people from all different age groups and backgrounds.

The theme for this year’s walkathon was ‘Equality4All’. Oxfam Trailwalker saw participants take on a trail challenge as a team of four to cover a massive of distance of 100 km in 48 hours and 50 km in 24 hours. All this was to support the projects by Oxfam India on education and health for all, women’s rights and fight discrimination in the six poorest states of India.

The fastest team to finish the 100 km race was the all men’s team called Heart and Soul Runners, who completed the race in 20:10:11 hrs and have come first in this race. 

Interestingly, Bengaluru was where the first edition of Oxfam India Trailwalker took place in February 2012. There were 80 teams participating in the event that year. And in 8 years this annual event has now become bigger, better and a brand of its own.

Amitabh Behar, CEO of Oxfam India, said, “There’s always a special connect with Bengaluru. This city is where it all started for Oxfam India and I am so overwhelmed by the love and support that we have received from everyone who come out to support us every year. We as an organisation feel so motivated to push ourselves to do more for our people in need. I would also like to congratulate the fastest team Heart and Soul Runners who finished the race at such a short time, it’s just incredible.”

Oxfam Trailwalker India attracts athletes, fitness enthusiasts, homemakers and CEOs and CFOs of corporate companies. Many participants from other Asian countries flew to Bengaluru to be a part of this event.

“Over the years, Oxfam Trailwalker has successfully developed into a top-notch international fundraiser. It challenges walkers in 17 cities across nine countries including Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom,” the organisers said.