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Karnataka SSLC results: Psychologist explains why girls outperform boys

There is no change in the script when it comes to girls performing better than boys in the Karnataka SSLC exams. Girls have outshone boys with a pass percentage of 79: 68. Their ability to stave off distractions and better coping abilities place them on a better footing compared to boys

Karnataka SSLC results Psychologist explains why girls outperform boys
Thiruvananthapuram, First Published Apr 30, 2019, 3:19 PM IST
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Bengaluru: The results of Karnataka SSLC exams are out. As usual, it is the girls who have outshone the boys, with a pass percentage of 79% as against 68%.

But what is it that makes girls more successful than boys when it comes to exams or academics?

Dr A Shridhara, a Bengaluru-based psychologist, explains that when it comes to such exams, it is the girls who have an advantage.

Terming it “teenage advantages”, he said that girls have a better ability to focus and naturally adjust better and more efficiently to the “nature of competition”.

However, it doesn’t stagnate at this point. Families do play a major role in the way girls are raised. The care and concern shown for a daughter differs from that of a son. This attitude towards the girl child influences them to be more responsible and respond more considerably. The thought that “let me not dishearten them” easily sets in as the attachment for the parents’ side is more palpable for a girl child.

Thirdly, girls are blessed better when it comes to “coping patterns”. For example, the psychologist added that girls are on a better footing when it comes to handling distractions. Though the consequences can be bad due to the distractions, they are mitigated by the efficient handling of the situations, leading to a better result.

Next in line is the way girls prepare and the way they articulate verbally. Though it is arguable all are blessed with the same intellect, what matters is the way one prepares meticulously for the D-Day. Moreover, girls are “better equipped when it comes to verbal skills,” which gives them a leeway compared to boys.

Lastly, (maybe controversially), there is a school of thought that the examinations are designed to suit the disposition of girls better. In the name of women empowerment, is the board slightly bent towards the girl child?

Well, we leave it to the academicians to answer.

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