Bengaluru: According to party sources, the Congress delayed the appointment of arrested former minister and Congress leader DK Shivakumar as state president as the high command was aware of his arrest.

"If the party had made him president or leader of the opposition and he was then arrested, it would have been a big blow to the party. So far in the history of Karnataka politics only BS Yeddyurappa is credited with going to jail when he was chief minister in 2011. To divert the minds of people, the BJP planned his arrest. The Congress was aware of this and hence did not appoint him to any top post." said a source.

Congress was aware of his arrest any time:

The BJP stated that DK Shivakumar is a “known criminal and land grabber” and the cases are not new, and he was caught in a money laundering case as he had Rs 8 crore of unaccounted money in Delhi and termed the amount as “little”.

"He built a school on the hilltop in south Bengaluru on government land and also took four acres of land belonging to Karnataka Electrical Factory on Mysuru Road. He is known for such behaviour. Congress is aware of this. He is now caught. Congress knew DK Shivakumar will land up in trouble." said Vaman Acharya Karnataka, BJP Spokesperson.

Congress blames BJP for DK Shivakumar’s arrest:

After the arrest of Shivakumar in Delhi, Congress says the occurrence has not just damaged the party but democracy too. The Congress accused the BJP of vindictive politics.

When asked whether Congress wilfully denied DK Shivakumar the top post, Congress spokesperson Kengal Shreepada Renu said, "There are plenty of rumours, and Congress denying DK Shivakumar top posts like KPCC president and leader of the opposition fearing he would be arrested is one of them."