Italian lotteries, on the other hand, aren’t as well-known, even among residents of India. Surprisingly, the Italian SuperEnalotto currently offers one of the biggest jackpots in the world, worth €53,800,000 (nearly ₹5 billion).

“SuperEnalotto is Italy’s most popular lottery, famous for producing some of the world's biggest jackpots, including its record top prize of €209,160,441, won in August 2019,” explains Adrian Cooremans, spokesperson of LottoSmile, the world’s leading online lottery ticket purchasing service. “That jackpot was won by a single ticket purchased in the northern Italian city of Lodi, Lombardy. That was the biggest lottery prize ever awarded by any European lottery so far!”

Cooremans shares some more information: “SuperEnalotto draws are staged three times a week in Rome, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:00 local time. Amazingly, residents of India can participate in SuperEnalotto draws by purchasing official lottery tickets at!”

How to play the SuperEnalotto online at LottoSmile

To play SuperEnalotto online, simply open an account at and pick 6 numbers from a guess range of 1 to 90. Once you have filled out your entries, LottoSmile’s local agents in Italy will purchase official SuperEnalotto lottery tickets on your behalf and keep them secure until the draw.

To win this week’s jackpot worth €53,800,000, you need to match the six numbers drawn. The lottery’s huge second prize is scooped up by those matching 5 out of the 6 main numbers as well as the bonus Jolly number.

If you are lucky enough to win, LottoSmile will transfer your prize money to you commission free! That means the entire jackpot prize could be yours! Even if your ticket makes only a partial match with the numbers drawn, you could still win prizes in one of SuperEnalotto six prize divisions. You could even win a prize by matching a minimum of just 2 numbers.

SuperEnalotto Winners at LottoSmile
The system works, as can be seen in the stories of over 5.5 million winners from across the globe who have won more than $100 million in lottery prizes. Some of LottoSmile’s lucky players have scored big wins playing Italian lotteries online at the site. 

An anonymous Belgian player won SuperEnalotto’s 3rd prize, taking home €47,578.79 on 18 August 2016. The Belgian had been playing online with for a little more than a year at the time of his win.

Even more amazing is the story of A.K. from Latvia who scooped up €578,080 in a February 2013 draw. Having bought a multi-line systematic form, A.K. won no less than 74 times across various prize categories. His story is yet another example of a player who won big in an Italian lottery by purchasing their ticket online at

With a jackpot worth €53,800,000 the Italian SuperEnalotto currently shares the podium with big names in the industry like US Powerball, US Mega Millions and EuroMillions. This exciting Italian lottery is no longer just a favourite of players from Italy; its draws are now hugely popular with lottery fans all over the world.

For more information how to play SuperEnalotto online from India, check out Good luck and please play responsibly!