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Weekly Tarot Card Readings, July 25 to July 31: Leo must keep faith alive, Gemini will feel restless

Check out your Weekly Tarot Card predictions for all zodiac signs. Read and share the predictions from July 25 to July 31 with your friends and family

Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope from July 25 to July 31
New Delhi, First Published Jul 24, 2022, 9:44 AM IST

Aries (July 25 to July 31):- THE EMPEROR
Auspicious Color:- Red
Auspicious Number:- 1

This week will change the way you see negativity in situations. Spending time with old friends will bring joy and a sense of progress so far. You will make efforts to increase the sense of hard work by increasing the sense of dedication in you. Due to giving priority to career-related matters, major progress will be achieved soon. Due to the change within you, decisions regarding relationships will also be seen to change. Leg pain and weakness will be felt, but there will be no cause for concern.

Taurus (July 25 to July 31):- EIGHT OF WANDS
Auspicious Color:- Orange
Auspicious number:- 3

Progress in matters as planned will keep the mind resolved. Time spent with family members will be enjoyable. You handle family responsibilities well, due to which family members respect you. Due to the responsibilities you get at the workplace, you will have an opportunity to increase your ability and efficiency. Communication with the spouse will continue properly. Stomach-related problems can cause minor problems.

Gemini (July 25 to July 31):- FIVE OF CUPS
Auspicious Color:- Pink
Auspicious number:- 5

You will see why the mind is not getting the solution even after getting the things you wanted so far. You will feel restless throughout the week. Your efforts to take career-related decisions are getting less. It will be necessary to increase concentration at work. Things that you used to ignore till now seem to cause disputes. There may be a feeling of stiffness in the shoulders.

Cancer (July 25 to July 31):- TEN OF PENTACLES
Auspicious Color:- Blue
Auspicious number:- 2

You may feel close to family members, yet you are seen trying to preserve each relationship by remembering the experience they have gained. Self-awareness can save you from the emotional distress that can occur. It will be necessary for you to make certain things clear. People connected with the business sector must keep working as per the plan. Do not let work discipline slip at all. You will get clarity in your thoughts towards your partner and relationship, so you will take appropriate action. There may be problems like cold and cough. Avoid cold food completely.

Leo (July 25 to July 31):- EIGHT OF PENTACLES
Auspicious Color:- Green
Auspicious number:- 4

You are making the mistake of thinking you are weak because people help you. You have all the power to change your situation. You will need to face the situation with determination keeping the faith alive within you. Don't worry at all about the results. It will be necessary for you to resolve everything related to the present immediately. People preparing for competitive exams will have to work harder. You will try to ease the pressure from your partner and think differently. The body feels dehydrated. Put some emphasis on a liquid diet.

Virgo (July 25 to July 31):- FOUR OF SWORDS
Auspicious Color:- Yellow
Auspicious number:- 7

By focusing on things related to the present, you only seem lost in thoughts related to the future. There will be mental discomfort due to the words of a person. But it will also be necessary for you to understand what you have done wrong. You have to be very careful not to hurt anyone's feelings with your actions. Decisions related to careers seem to change from time to time. Do not implement any big decisions in the present time. You will not be able to take a decision now about a marriage proposal. There may be a feeling of stiffness in the back.

Libra (July 25 to July 31):- THREE OF CUPS
Auspicious Color:- White
Auspicious number:- 6

This week will prove fruitful for you. Positive news will be received at the start of the day, due to which the mind will be happy. Don't take discussions with people too personally. You may receive a sudden payment. This week, you will also find a way to start some big work. Partners will try to spend time with each other. Breathing and chest-related disorders can be bothersome to a lesser extent.

Scorpio (July 25 to July 31):- TWO OF SWORDS
Auspicious Color:- Grey
Auspicious number:- 9

You will not be able to do any kind of work this week as you feel confused about everything. The growing restlessness of the mind can prove painful to you as well as to others. It will be necessary for you to resolve your situation by discussing it with experienced people. Any decision will have to be put forward again. Aspirants who wish to work abroad will get a job as expected, but before accepting this job it is necessary to understand the situation completely. Pay attention to things you have been ignoring related to relationships and decisions you are afraid to take. Tooth-related problems will take time to get rid of. Be sure to consult a doctor.

Sagittarius (July 25 to July 31):- THE HIEROPHANT
Auspicious Color:- Purple
Auspicious Number:- 8

Due to many happenings today, your faith in spiritual matters seems to be increasing. Believe in hard work and hard work. The situation will change soon. It will be necessary for you to increase your inner self-control. Take special care not to use profanity while talking to anyone. There may be success in higher education-related endeavours. Happiness will be the solution in married life. Sore throat and cough may increase.

Capricorn (July 25 to July 31):- FOUR OF PENTACLES
Auspicious Color:- Pink
Auspicious number:- 2

Your desire to change your situation will increase. But still, you will find it difficult to let go of old thoughts. Due to changes in close relationships, mental anxiety and dilemmas will increase. Keep working according to the plan by making work-related targets. There will be indifference towards the relationship due to the partner giving priority to everything. There is a possibility of an eye infection.

Aquarius (July 25 to July 31):- SEVEN OF PENTACLES
Auspicious Color:- White
Auspicious number:- 7

Your hard work may take longer to bear fruit. Court-related disputes will also take longer than expected to resolve. Family members may try to obstruct your work. Don't give any more information than necessary. People who want to start a business will need to get more information related to their work. It will take time to get rid of the partner's displeasure. Body should be given complete rest.

Pisces (July 25 to July 31):- THE SUN
Auspicious Color:- Yellow
Auspicious number:- 6

You will try to get out of the negative effects of life and focus on positive things. A new hope seems to wake up in your mind, due to which you will also start efforts in a new direction. Realize that your goal has not changed; only the way to achieve it has changed. You may get appreciation from superiors due to work done by you and the quality of work. Believe in yourself. There will be positivity in relationships. Urine infection-related problems can occur. Don't neglect anything related to health.

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