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Waking Rest: A wellness trend that everyone’s talking about

A new trend in the world of wellness has got everyone talking about it. The new wellness technique at our rescue is ‘Waking Rest’ which assists people in bringing down their stress factors and ease, further easing their mental state.

Waking Rest A welness trend that everyone's talking about drb
Mumbai, First Published Nov 11, 2021, 10:00 PM IST
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Our lives have undoubtedly become easier to manage, thanks to the technological and digital advancements available to us. While we still have a hectic life, there are simpler ways to stay in touch with our loved ones, manage our activities, and manage our finances. And these can have a significant impact on our physical and emotional health.

Consider how many times you woke up feeling extremely anxious about your day's work, gulped down your breakfast, and then went straight to work? Well that is not something that makes you feel relaxed and calm, is it? With that said, there is a new trend in the wellness world that people cannot stop talking about – ‘Waking Rest’. This latest trend has been able to help people in order to manage their stressors and ease their mental state.

So, what exactly is ‘Waking Rest’? It is critical to be mindful of one's own mental well-being. While your work and social media may provide you with a sense of accomplishment, there is nothing more gratifying than being awake and having nothing to worry about. This is referred to as 'Waking Rest.' “It is basically a period of calm and meditative thought that allows the brain time to consider and process whatever arises spontaneously," says Dushyant Sikarwar, Indore based certified personal trainer/fitness consultant.

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This wellness practice allows your mind to wander even while you are awake. It disconnects you from anything that may have an impact on your mind in any way. So, while you may wash your clothes, dishes, and clean your apartment, you are not permitted to engage in any mental activity.

How to practise it? It starts with you resisting the urge to check your phone as soon as you wake up and devoting at least two to three minutes to your thoughts. You must do nothing at first and allow your thoughts to guide you. Do not fight it; instead, engage in the most simple, mundane tasks that do not require any mental engagement. This is the best way to practise ‘waking rest.’ Doing so on a regular basis will train your brain to become accustomed to it and will assist your brain in recognising when you need to take a break.

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Digital technology adds fuel to fire! A sense of normalcy has been lost with everyone walled up, adopting social isolation, and working from home. We've been addicted to our phones and social media for the past year and a half, causing serious mental damage.

You might find yourself waking up to aimless browsing on your phones rather than a hot cup of tea. As soon as you wake up, all the things you see on social media sites cloud your mind, adding to an already existing anxiousness. It is critical that you concentrate on yourself and your mental health. Self-care may be quite peaceful and relaxing if you take the time to do it. Give your body and mind a sense of serenity and peace rather than forcing your mind to overthink.

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