When we heard the word 'modelling', we get a picture in front of our eyes, toned body, slim figure, wearing designer clothes walking down the ramp. Isn't it?

But designer Sabyasachi with the new ad campaign for his latest clothing line, will break those stereotypical thoughts and barriers. The recent pictures feature a plus-S model flaunting her side-rolls representing all body sizes and types to the whole world.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; it has no shape and size. Designer Sabyasachi proved that right, and netizens can't stop praising him. Sabyasachi posted the pictures with a caption, "The Sabyasachi 2021 Collection', along with other details. 

One of the users commented in the pictures, "love this!!! More of representing real women and all the body types," while another one wrote, "This is how people look like, finally someone is designing and endorsing some real curves."

The model was wearing a red chanderi printed saree with golden jewellery looking absolutely royal.