Mysore Pak is undoubtedly one of the most popular sweets associated with Karnataka. However, there’s more to Karnataka sweets than just its famous Mysore pak. Here are some mouth-watering sweets that you have to try.


1. Ragi Halwa or Halbai:
Made with just three simple ingredients namely: coconut, jaggery and ragi, this delicious sweet is as authentic as it gets.  Added bonus: it is a healthy, too. This type of halwa can also be substituted with rice. The rice version is called akki halbai.

Watch how it’s made:


2. Dharwad Peda: 
Perhaps after the famed Mysore Pak, is the Dharwad Peda. Oddly though, the history of the peda comes from Uttar Pradesh, and not Karnataka.  It was named after the city, Dharwad.

Here’s how it’s made:


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3. Ele or Kai Kadabu:
This sweet dish is often made on festive occasions especially Ganesh Chaturthi. However, it can also be had as a snack during tea time. This regional sweet is made with jaggery and coconut, and is usually steamed. There is an option to fry it as well.

Watch how its made:

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4. Hayagreeva: 
This sweet dish is made from Bengal gram and jaggery. Legend has it that a devotee of the Sri Krishna Mutt in Udipi offered the Lord Hayagreeva cooked Bengal gram. The god would appear in the form of a white horse and eat the offerings as the devotee recited shlokas.

Watch how it’s made: