When it comes to flying, there are simple, yet unspoken set of rules that needs to be followed. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a primer for the uninitiated.


Neck Pillows:  

Unless you know you’re fellow co-passenger, avoid using your neighbour’s shoulder as your personal shoulder pillow. Do yourself and your fellow passenger a favour, and get yourself a neck pillow. Best. Investment. Ever.


Recline gently:   

 Remember you’re on a commercial plane and not on a private one. That being said, you’re most likely travelling in economy. This means you need to be aware of the person sitting behind you. This holds true, when the food is being served. Don’t be a jerk and continue to recline when the food has arrived.



Middle seat problems:
   Stuck in the middle with you? Everyone knows that the worst seats in the house are the ones stuck in the middle seat. And it goes without saying that the person in the middle seat has the right to both arm rests. So, window and aisle seaters, deal with it.


Don’t be a chatty Cathy: Not all your co-passengers will be in a mood to engage in a conversation with you.


Respect people’s space:  Let’s face it, aeroplanes can get awfully cramped. So, given the limited space requirements, learn to keep and respect people’s individual’s spaces.


Personal hygiene:  It goes without saying, make sure you smell pleasant and wear clothes that do not have musty odour.