Bengaluru: The wait is over and 2019 has begun. Everyone is making new year new resolutions, in order to bring about positive change in their lives. But in fact, the onus is on people, and not so much the calendar to bring about happiness in their lives. Here are six ways to ensure that year 2019 will bring you a better future.

Ready to learn new things

Be it a new language, cooking, or any subject that you have no knowledge of yet, be ready to learn it. Be open to new ideas. Prepare a list of new things you pushed aside due to work, pressure or fear. This is the best time to start overcoming that fear and mastering it.


You might have a perfect plan on how you want to spend rest of your years, but it might not work out in your favour every time. So, set your preferences and try to fulfil your dreams according to your preference.

Make time for exercise

Sparing even a little time for exercising every day will be beneficial to a large extent by the time you complete this year. So, maintain the goal to keep yourself fit. Of course, attaining six-packs need not be your goal, but try to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Give time for your family

This might seem cliché. But spending time with family is very important. Spending time with parents will make them happy and in turn give you peace of mind. A happy family is the key to inner happiness.

Read one book a month

Try to read at least one book of your choice. Prepare a list of books that benefit you or interest you. Sometimes books are a way to relax and learn new things. This habit is one that can only benefit you in one way or the other.

Keep your travel fund ready

If reading books can transport you into a different world, travelling will give you the real experience of transformation of thoughts, learning new cultures, food habits and will surely widen your perspective. Keep aside some money for travel and ensure you make use of this fund to explore places.