Parents take a lot of pride in showing off the achievements of their children. Toddlers indulge in a lot of different activities, sometimes initiated by their parents, like dancing, finger painting, reciting rhymes or even impressions of their relatives. It would surprise parents to know that small things toddlers do indicates a lot about the development of their brain.

Studies have shown that 90% of a child’s brain gets developed by the age of 6!

The brain is made up of brain cells that are called neurons which create brain connections. New experiences create new connections in the brain and repeated experiences strengthen these connections. Creation of new neurons is fastest between the ages of 0 and 6. As the child grows older, these connections get fewer because formation of new neurons is slows down. This is the reason toddlers are able to learn faster and even pick up habits from their environment.

While the brain is developing at a rapid pace, it needs adequate nutrition to help this process.

 DHA, Choline, Vitamin B, Iron, Iodine and Zinc are important for helping in brain development.

  • DHA: It is the building block of brain and is required in adequate daily dosage for proper development of brain. It also improves cognition and attention in children. Deficiency of DHA leads to temper tantrums, impulsiveness, etc.
  • Iodine and Zinc: Both these nutrients are important for the normal brain development and thinking functions.
  • Choline: It is needed for development of brain’s memory centre.
  • Iron: It is necessary for the normal anatomic development of the brain and also for sustaining learning habits.
  • Vitamin B: It is needed for proper development of Central Nervous System.

Children need adequate quantities of these nutrients to help with the rapidly growing brain. This might not always be possible. For example with DHA, it is scarce in the regular diets. It is not found in plant sources. ALA is a nutrient found in plant sources and its conversion to DHA is 1-9% only.

Junior Horlicks is a tasty health drink with DHA, Choline and other brain nutrients helping in brain development. It is scientifically designed for the ages of 2-6 year olds and has nutrients helping in physical growth as well.

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Junior Horlicks is a nutritional food powder which as part of a balanced daily diet helps meet your child’s nutritional requirements.
This product is not an infant milk substitute or infant food for less than 2years old.

*Brain Nutrients ( iron, zinc, iodine, choline, DHA and B group) as a terminology has been collectively used to depict the nutrients having a role in brain function and development.

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