Rising cases of dengue in our country have increased the demand for blood transfusion, blood donation and platelets. To counter this, Godrej HIT and Apollo hospital have merged forces to create an initiative that builds an online community of platelet donors. This initiative has now marked its second successful year, where the helpline number 78 78 78 20 20 is here to help critical dengue patients get platelet donor at the right time.

Why is Platelet Donation important?
Dengue virus causes a sharp drop in the platelet count of the patient’s blood, triggering internal bleeding and other complications. If the platelet count drops below 20,000/cu.mm, an urgent platelet transfusion is required. 

Ready availability of platelet donors becomes critical to save lives of dengue patients because unlike blood, platelets cannot be stored for more than 5 days. This lack of awareness about platelets and apathy towards platelet donation makes matter worse for dengue patients and hence the need to build a platelet donor community.

About 7878782020 HIT Platelet Helpline
Godrej HIT & Apollo Hospital initiative to build an online community of Platelet Donors to save lives of Critical Dengue Patients. Currently the community stands at 1L+ donor base. As a part of the initiative, HIT has launched a platelet helpline number which is 78 78 78 20 20. Helpline is active for 6 cities Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. 

People who need platelets can connect to the helpline via this number or register to be a part of the donor community. With Dengue cases on the rise, the HIT Platelet Helpline can be of great help. Call the helpline when in need of platelets for a dengue patient.
Save the number and share it with your friends and family #HitDengueBack

Register as platelet donor - http://www.godrejhit.com/trackthebite/