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You know you've been ghosted when these 4 things happen to you

  • Ghosting is the new term for getting dumped with a difference
  • Here, it involves being a slow fade
  • Watch out for these signs
ghosted signs
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In an age of instant gratification, dating in today’s world, is like navigating a minefield, especially in the age of Tinder, OKC and other dating apps.  


Urban Dictionary defines it as: "The act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date."


There’s no fixed timeline when it comes to ghosting. It could happen after a date or three months down the line, if not more.


Here’s how you know you’ve been ghosted.


ghosted signs

Radio Silence:  You least expect it especially when things are going swimmingly between the both of you, and out of the blue there’s no communication whatsoever. Calls are missed and not returned; texts are left unanswered, you have to wonder if that person disappeared off the face of the Earth. Yes, he / she has, and they’ve disappeared from your life.


Flaky McFlakerson: Nothing is more infuriating when it comes to plans being cancelled the last minute.  You could forgive them if it happens once or twice, because there could be a genuine reason for not having to show up, but when it happens a lot, take note.


Intermittent texts: In the age of WhatsApp and blue ticks, most texts are immediately responded to, but you should take it as a sign that you’re being ghosted when the texts become less frequent than earlier.


Socially active, but not with you: Once upon a time, there’d be plenty of likes, comments, shares, tweets and hearts on your pictures and status. But that hardly happens to you. Oddly enough, his / hers continues to have an active social media presence.


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