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The shape of your fingers reveals your personality

  • What does your finger shape reveal about yourself?
  • Do you agree?
finger shape personality


We’ve all looked at our fingers and have had some sort of complaints about it - too short, too long, stubby etc.  But did you know that the shape of your finger can reveal some mind-blowing aspects of your personality?

Watch the video:



Finger A:

  • You do not reveal your emotions easily.
  • You tend to project a much more independent personality than you really are
  • You despise dishonesty and deceit
  • You enjoy a good laugh if something amuses you
  • You are known to be generous and have a large heart
  • It takes time for you to get to know people


Finger B:

  • You are a deeply sensitive soul
  • You are devoted, loyal and fall in love easily
  • Even if you are reserved, you can be extremely tenacious
  • You are determined to see things through when you put your mind to it
  • You have the ability to stay calm when things get out of hand

Finger C

  • You don’t hold on to anger for very long
  • You are ruled by your emotions, but that does not make you a pushover
  • If someone mistakes your kindness for weakness, then you easily give them a piece of your mind
  • Sometimes, you can come across as dominating and overbearing
  • In reality, you are very soft-hearted


So which finger shape are you, and do you agree?


Tell us in the comments section below!

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