Science says that one should shampoo their hair with beer, use vodka as a face cleanser and submit their skin to a whiskey facial. So why not take a wine bath? After all, wine is supposed to have amazing medicinal properties. Research says that wine improves the blood circulation and even helps remove dead cells from the face. And now, wine baths have become a popular trend across the globe.

In Japan, the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun spa allows guests to have a wine bath and swim in a wine pool as well. And while they'e at it guests could also choose to bathe in green tea or coffee.

In New York City, a luxury spa in Tribeca offers patrons the opportunity to soak in all the sweetness in a personalised bath tub. While one is relaxing in this calm, cool pod, the spa's masseur gives a head massage. 

Although its called the wine bath, there isn't actually wine used at all. The bath is filled with red vine leaf stock and water. Soaking in alcohol for a long period of time could dry up one's skin and lead to a whole host of other problems. So far, its not clear if the therapy actually works but one thing is for sure, people seem to love floating in this red bath. 

Here are just a few videos of how people enjoy themselves during a wine bath. 

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