Make it sure to inform the doctor about the allergies you suffer from. If you know of or remember any medicine resulting in irritation in your body, do tell the doctor. Here is the list of 12 side-effects the TB medicines can cause.


If you have these symptoms after taking the tablet or medicine prescribed for TB, do not ignore, please inform the doctor immediately, because allergies can be fateful sometimes.




1)    No appetite

2)    Nausea

3)    Vomiting

4)    Skin or eyes turning yellow in colour

5)    Continuous fever for more than three days

6)    Severe abdominal pain

7)    Tingling in the fingers and toes

8)    Skin rashes, even itching inside the throat

9)    Bleeding from gums and nose

10)    Irritation in passing urine

11)    Joint aches

12)    Vision and hearing loss