Neenu, wife of late Kevin has come out in the open about her situation and the pressure she is facing from her parents. Neenu said that she was being mentally and physically tortured by her own family from childhood. She said her parents used to beat her up with wooden pieces and used to kick her with shoes even when she was a child.

Neenu also said her neighbours know how her parents abused her and she said the petitions filed by her father in the High Court are false. He just made an appeal using false information just to drive her away from Kevin's house. She also stressed on the point that she does not want any protection from her parents who killed her husband. She clarified again that she will stay in Kevin's house as long as Kevin's parents allow her to stay with them. 

She then said that her mother also had joined hands in killing Kevin because whatever decisions are taken in their family are taken with the complete knowledge of her father, mother and brother.