Wedding pranks are not uncommon these days and are sure a way to make the amazing say even more unforgettable. It should be something that everyone enjoys, even the ones who are party to it, and must be non-malicious. 

Several videos of amazing pranks are being circulated on social media. It has also become very common in Kerala. 

However, a video of a prank from a  recent video did not go well with some netizens. The video is attracting huge criticism, and people have come out against it calling it ragging and not a joke. 

In the video, the newlywed bride can be seen trying to make chutney with a grinding stone, in the traditional way. The groom and his relatives are standing around making jokes and comments about the way she is performing the act. 

However, the painstaking solid-stone grinding was not something everyone could take as a joke. Sharing the video some commented that it shows that the bride started slavery even before changing her wedding clothes.

"Gold, money and woman - she started as a slave even before she could change her wedding dress. This amounts to ragging. No man, who understands a woman, will stand by such acts. However, no woman will like to do such an act on the day of the wedding and that too even before changing the wedding dress. We should wait and see how much respect she will be able to give to her husband who is being part of the ragging," a Facebook user wrote after sharing the video. 


Not a single person, who has commented below the video has given a positive statement, and some even went to the extent to say that instead of performing the act the bride should have hit the groom with the stone.