On Tuesday, a video showing an alleged BJP woman supporter being murdered in the middle of the road in Kerala surfaced. We are sure even Kerala did not know of it.

Jumping on the bandwagon of communal and political hatred, a twitter user uploaded a video with a headline that stated Leftists Muslims murdering a RSS Hindu woman. This was what was quoted by a prominent television channel.

The channel on finding that the video was fake retracted it but by then the damage had been done.

The video shows two men getting down from a bike, stopping and dragging a woman from her car and then shooting her saying this in Malayalam: “They have murdered her, the RSS have murdered her, these nation loving people”. And for people who do not understand Malayalam the only words that are decipherable is the usage of RSS repeatedly and Kalaburgi.



Twitter user @AmiteshK01 posted the video, calling it “another gory murder in Kerala by Commie/Jihadi goons of a lady supportive of BJP”. The video got more than 6,00,000 retweets  and  2,07,207 likes on Twitter alone.

The text written in Hindi, translates to, “RSS Hindu woman shot dead by Muslims in Kerala”.

The channel played it up but failed to realise that it was a staged murder. It was a clip from a street play performed by the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) at Kalikavu in Malappuram, reported the Mathrubhumi. It was reaction to the murder of Bengaluru journalist Gauri Lankesh, who was shot dead outside her home on September 5. The cast is seen screaming that RSS is behind the murders of that including Gauri Lankesh. This was enough for rumour mills to twist and turn the story.

Anyone watching the clip will understand that it is not a real murder judging by the pace of the events and the dialogue delivery after the murder. No one in their right mind will deliver dialogues of patriotism after committing a murder.

MB Rajesh, CPM, Palakkad MP put up a Facebook post decrying the whole episode and ridiculing the media channel for having put this up. The channel had put it with the headline ‘Kerala’s leftist Muslims killing a woman with RSS inclination in the middle of the road’.

In Kerala the political situation has been turbulent off late with RSS and CPM workers, supporters killing off each other, or so it seems. Police records say that in the last 17 years, 85 CPM workers, 65 RSS or BJP workers, 11 workers of Congress and IUML each have been killed - mostly by their political rivals including CPM and RSS or BJP.

A slight instigation to this fight is enough for it to blow up into a huge bonfire. Had this video not been pointed out as fake, the way it was spreading, it could have led to communal and political unrest in the state. The RSS has alleged that CPM has been targeting BJP and RSS workers as it is afraid of the BJP's growing influence and a murder of an RSS supporter in this midst would definitely create havoc.