Indian High Commission in Malaysia has circulated a photograph of a woman who died after falling off a building. It is confirmed that the woman is Dr Omana Edadan, the accused in the most sensational murder case that rocked Kerala. 

The doctor, an eye specialist, was accused of killing and hacking up her boyfriend, Muraleedharan, a native of Payyannur, into pieces. The Payyannur native was accused of having performed the murder in Ootty during 1990's. 

The High Commission circulated the papers through regional newspapers in Kerala. It was readers who identified her and reported to police, who then confirmed the identity of the woman. 

The police case was that Dr Omana poisoned and killed her boyfriend, hacked up his body, stuffed it in a suitcase and hired a taxi to transport it. The taxi driver grew suspicious and approached the police. The incident came to light after police questioned Omana. 

Though arrested in 1996 Omana managed to escape from the country using fake passport after getting out on bail in 2001.