If you’re looking to rent an apartment in Bengaluru, then you will have to cough up a hefty deposit as well as your Aadhaar card. Several landlords in the city have now made it mandatory to submit this ID proof at the time of moving in.

House owners in Bengaluru are suddenly demanding Aadhaar card so that they can get all the details of their prospective tenants in one document. This information could be useful if there’s an emergency health issue or if the tenant is involved in any criminal activity, say realtors.

However, tenants in the city feel hassled by this demand. Those who do have their Aadhaar card are able to rent but the lack of it leaves them feeling helpless. Tenants feel that house owners can easily verify their details through their company ID, reported Bangalore Mirror.  In fact, tenants only needed to submit a student or a company identification proof but this seems to have changed now.

However, realtors say that there’s a more pressing need to demand the Aadhaar card. Khazi Khameruddin, a real-estate agent from Bengaluru East told the publication, “According to the government’s new rules, if the owner of a plot/complex/flat claims a housing allowance of Rs 8,000 rupees or more from their company, it is a must for them to submit their Aadhaar or PAN card, along with the usual documents, at the time of registration.”

 Even though Aadhaar card is not mandatory in Bengaluru, the police has made it compulsory in the neighbouring city, Mysuru. House owners must submit Aadhaar card details to the police station in their neighbourhood. Landlords have been given 30 days until the start of the rental agreement. Police officials warned that landlords would be penalised upon failing to comply with the rules.